Czech companies share innovative solutions with their counterparts from Bosnia and Herzegovina

March 10, 2023

Czech company T-Mapy has started their work together with their Sarajevan counterparts to implement innovative solutions as part of the 6th Call for Proposals of the Czech Challenge Fund implemented by UNDP with the financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Republic. Every year innovative solutions are awarded up to USD 40,000 to share their know-how with local partners. This year´s project is being implemented from October 2022 to October 2023. In addition to Challenge Funds, the second modality of Expertise on demand is available to tackle specific challenges in the country.

The latest edition of the Czech Challenge Fund covered two main thematic areas: sustainable growth and good governance.

“With 20 Challenge Fund projects implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2018, we see the potential for expertise on demand component, which can further connect these projects with ongoing initiatives of bilateral and multilateral cooperation and scale-up their impact” noted Pavel Faus, Senior Project Specialist of the Czech-UNDP Partnership for SDGs, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub.


In 2023, the following Challenge Fund projects are ongoing:

  1. T-Mapy – Data-driven waste management and decision-making system for Sarajevo

Czech company T-Mapy together with their local partner Kantonalno Javno Komunalno Preduzeće “RAD”, implements a project with the goal of providing KJKP RAD with a modern GIS solution as a basis for smart waste management and a tool to improve and upgrade its operation and planning. GIS is a very powerful tool for creating, managing, analysing, and mapping all types of data. Expected results are improved communication and efficiency, improved management and decision-making. The software solution can also be used to inform Sarajevo’s residents about the location of collection niches, the timetable of waste collection and provide other information of public interest.


  1. Empress – Green roofs of Sarajevo

This project pilots the idea of greening the roofs of public and residential buildings in Sarajevo., Once complete, it will have a positive effect on citizens and serve as an example for the wider environment and adaptation to climate change while being easily replicated and scaled up in other cities in the country. Located at a school building in Sarajevo, this particular green roof will be used by school students as an outdoor classroom. The initiative is implemented by EMPRESS and their local partner Forestry and Environmental Action (Inicijativa za šumarstvo i okoliš).  

Within previous Calls for Proposals (2018-2021), 18 other initiatives were supported. All projects can be found at Among highlights of what the Czech Challenge Fund has already accomplished in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

  1. Smart Guide together with their local partner Public Institution Sutjeska National Park digitized tourist content of the National Park and published it on the Smart Guide application. It resolved the shortage of human resources by providing comprehensive, up-to-date information and attracted more tourists to the area.
  2. GEOtest in partnership with Udruženje poljoprivrednih proizvođača – mljekara RS supported the development and sustainability of milk production at the Association’s dairy farms by using innovative methods of herd book maintenance based on the use of modern technologies. As a result, many farmers are able to monitor their production.
  3. Nadace Veronica together with their local partner Aarhus Centre Sarajevo have provided textile production secondary school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina an opportunity to learn about and practice upcycling in the fashion industry while transferring Czech experience with innovations in sustainability onto a Bosnian-Herzegovinian partner.


About the Czech-UNDP Partnership for SDGs

The partnership of UNDP with the Czech Republic supports innovative solutions from Czech Republic’s private sector, non-governmental organisations, universities, state institutions, research centres and individuals. Challenge Fund projects focus on solving specific development challenges in six partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Zambia). The implementation is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Challenge Fund has already supported 20 projects in the total amount of USD 1 million.

For more information please, reach out to: Pavel Faus, Czech Challenge Fund Project Specialist: