Contribution to Gender Equality through STEM, Digital Education, and Entrepreneurship

Knowledge is the key to success

March 8, 2024

International Women's Day reminds us that achieving gender equality remains a crucial battle for women and girls in all segments of society and the economy. Digital education and entrepreneurship are powerful tools to attain this goal, providing women worldwide with the opportunity to empower themselves, realize their full potential, and become active participants in the digital society.

One of the activities supported through Economic Governance for Growth (EGG2) project is the "Academy for Young Entrepreneurs" aiming to enhance entrepreneurial and leadership competencies and skills essential for young people as preparation for future careers.

Lamija Zajmović i Samra Handžić

"Through the “Academy for Young Entrepreneurs' program” young individuals gained a broader understanding of business algorithms, leading to the development of new ideas and ways to implement them. We hope that in the future, there will be more similar opportunities and initiatives promoting greater inclusion of women in the entrepreneurial sector, along with providing support through mentoring, funding, and education. We believe that, thanks to such initiatives, the position of women will improve. There is a growing trend in women's entrepreneurship, along with increasing support and advocacy for gender equality in the business world."
Lamija Zajmović and Samra Handžić, students at the Dental Technician High School in Sarajevo

By strengthening STEM education in primary and secondary schools, EGG2 project aims to cultivate the interest of students in technical fields and skill development. STEM is a crucial component for young people as it fosters creativity and provides practical skills essential for modern society.



"The development of a strong support network through such initiatives further strengthens the unity of women in STEM, enabling them to feel supported and inspired to achieve their goals. I hope that by 2030, significant progress will occur in Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the inclusion and support of women in STEM. This could involve initiatives such as improved education and mentorship for girls in STEM areas, policies promoting gender equality in STEM employment and advancement, as well as better working conditions and support for women already working in these sectors," emphasizes Una Škorić, a student at the Traffic and Electrical High School in Doboj.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the EGG2 project, which is with the financial support of the Kingdom of Norway, aims to provide better access to digital education for women and foster an entrepreneurial spirit to acquire necessary skills for the modern working world, thereby opening doors to a wide range of career possibilities.