STEM skills important for building a knowledge-based society

June 23, 2023


A two-day event of the network of 26 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) laboratories in primary and secondary schools across the country was held in Sarajevo to mark the successful implementation, in cooperation with STEMI, of a one-year program, dedicated to strengthening capacities in the area of artificial intelligence. Over 100 students and teachers took part in fun and practical activities and workshops aimed to inspire and motivate students to get directly involved in innovation, technology, and science.

The prize-winning projects developed by Elementary School "Ćamil Sijarić" in Nemila, Elementary School "Sveti Sava" in Banja Luka, High School of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, and Technical School in Zenica, were presented.

The event was organized under the auspices of the Economic Governance for Growth Project (EGG2), which is financed by the Government of Norway and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH.

Olav Reinertsen

“It is inspiring and encouraging to see that 26 partner schools from all over the country are highly engaged within the established STEM community. They are willing to learn, share experiences and practices, and become a driving force toward building a knowledge-based society, responding to market needs and increasing competitiveness. Norway remains committed to addressing the chronic and documented shortage of digital skills, knowledge, and capabilities that not only hinders the further growth and development of the IT industry and the overall economy, but also hinders the development of a knowledge-based society as a whole.”
Olav Reinertsen, Norway’s Ambassador to BiH

Today, digital solutions are vital for all sectors of society due to the rapid pace of technological change. It is crucial to utilize technology and digital tools to help young people acquire better skills and contribute to a better future for the younger generations.

Steliana Nedera

“In partnership with Norway, we work together to advance innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology in different sectors in BiH. We are proud to undertake these activities in the country, as they are important to better prepare young people for both today’s and tomorrow’s labour market which demands advanced skills. UNDP’s work in this area is part of the UN cooperation priorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and contributes towards advancing these joint goals”.
Steliana Nedera, UNDP's Resident Representative

The second day of the event featured an Expo attended by various organizations, companies, and innovators who displayed VR technologies, 3D printers, robots, internet security, and more.

Latifa Pršeš, a student at the High School of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, expressed her thoughts, saying, “It has inspired and taught me a lot. I have learned about many things that are crucial for the development of informatics as a science. It has opened the door to a new dimension and a completely different perspective of STEM.