EMIS is a key tool for systematic energy management

UNDP organized three-day Regional Workshop on EMIS

November 18, 2022


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a three-day Regional Workshop on the Energy Management Information System (EMIS), from 16 to 18 November 2022 in Split. The workshop gathered system administrators and energy managers from BiH and the wider region, including from Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary, with the aim of exchanging experiences and strengthening cooperation in this area.

In the current situation in which we are faced with energy insecurity and the consequences of climate change, systematic energy management and the accompanying information system represent the basis for establishing a sustainable energy system, both at the country level and for individual facilities. EMIS is the key tool for collecting, monitoring and analyzing information on energy consumption, as well as for greenhouse gas emissions, not only in public, but also in residential buildings. This information is the basis for planning budget for such costs, as well as for the evaluation and selection of buildings or public lighting systems on which energy inspections will be conducted, and energy efficiency infrastructure measures implemented.

The workshop discussed the importance of this system, as well as common challenges, current issues and lessons learned in its implementation. The full range of uses of EMIS was demonstrated, including real-time readings of energy consumption and GHG emissions, which enables decision makers and energy managers to respond appropriately.

Representatives of the countries that participated in the workshop agreed to continue cooperation in this area. Examples of good practice and recommendations for the smooth implementation of the EMIS system have been identified, including the necessity of having: 

✔ the legal framework for regulation energy management,
✔ energy management system in institutions/buildings, including the legal obligation to send bills for energy consumption through EMIS,
✔ trainings/education of institutions and components of the Energy Management System,
✔ energy managers and associates who must be educated and trained to ensure the accuracy of the entered data.
The participants of the workshop also had the opportunity to visit the Sports Center "Bazen Poljud", which was renovated according to the ESCO model of energy efficiency. In addition, the company that worked on the energy renovation of this building shared its experiences at the workshop.

The workshop was organized within the project "Increasing investment in public facilities with a low carbon emission rate - LowCarbon" financed by the Green Climate Fund - GCF, in cooperation with the project "Green Economic Development - GED" financed by the Government of Sweden. The goal of these projects is to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, in order to reduce the consumption of energy, public funds and GHG emissions, as well as to increase economic savings and the creation of "green jobs". Through these projects, UNDP provides support to institutions in BiH in energy management in public facilities, as well as organizes training for end users since the establishment of EMIS in the country in 2013.