Successful Youth Event Held in Mostar "New Generation of Energy – GENERGY"

GED project

May 23, 2024

Educational event for youth "New Generation of Energy – GENERGY" was held today at the Youth Cultural Center (OKC) Abrašević in Mostar. This is the first in a series of three thematic events organized by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the Green Economic Development (GED) project, funded by the Government of Sweden.

The focus of this event was to highlight the significant role of young people in initiating innovations and changes in the country's green energy transition process, which is one of the key solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

The event brought together inspiring young individuals, providing them with the opportunity to learn from top lecturers about sustainable energy as a key solution for the planet. In addition to young people and students from across the country, the event was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations and the academic community.


Mustafa Stupac, Project Manager at OKC Abrašević, welcomed everyone and expressed pleasure that OKC was selected for this discussion, highlighting their engagement with youth and civil society. 

Mustafa Stupac, Project Manager at OKC Abrašević

Vedran Pecikoza, a representative of the GED project, greeted everyone on behalf of UNDP in BiH and specifically thanked the Swedish partners for their continuous support.

Vedran Pecikoza, GED project, UNDP in BiH

Sabina Memić, a representative of the City of Mostar, emphasized the importance of climate topics for development and the future, noting that the City of Mostar supports such projects through a youth strategy that is being developed.

Sabina Memić, a representative of the City of Mostar

During the event, a panel was held on the topic "Education Empowering Youth for Engagement in Sustainable Energy". Layla Jusko, a young activist who moderated the event, stressed that education and youth engagement can be drivers of change for a sustainable future. 

Layla Jusko, a young activist

Participants had the opportunity to learn from experts about the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for climate challenges. Among the speakers were:

Prof. Dr. Ana Šljivić-Buljubašić from the Faculty of Science and Education, University of Mostar,
Jelena Pekić, Deputy Chairwoman of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly and Delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliament of the FBiH,
Nedim Sladić, Master of Science in Climatology, 
Prof. Dr. Azrudin Husika from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo.

It was highlighted that BiH is one of the fastest-warming regions and is suffering the consequences of climate change. Awareness needs to be raised through such events, providing information based on research and studies. Supporting initiatives that young people want to start and achieve a future of green cities is crucial.


Through the interactive workshop "My Energy Vision" young participants presented their creative and innovative ideas for future energy measures through practical work. Their ideas showed great potential to contribute to the sustainable development and energy transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The next two events will focus on the role of small and medium enterprises and women.