“Schools of the Future” - Connecting the educational sector with practitioners and innovators

June 12, 2024
Photo: Haris Čalkić


To celebrate the successful two-year implementation, in cooperation with STEMI, of the "Schools of the Future" program, an event titled "Schools of the Future - Imagination Day in BiH 2024” was held in Sarajevo. Over 100 students and teachers took part in fun and practical activities and workshops aimed to inspire and motivate students to get directly involved in innovation, technology, and science.

The event was also a platform for students to showcase their most remarkable projects in the field of robotics developed over the preceding school year. The prize-winning projects were presented, and the best elementary school project came from OŠ “Ćamil Sijarić” Nemila, Zenica, by students Davud Hečimović, Najla Skopljak, and Hamza Telalović, under the mentorship of professor Edber Kubat. JU Mješovita srednja škola Tešanj was awarded for the best high school project, by students Amer Talo, Abdurahman Subašić, and Muamer Bošnjak, under the mentorship of professor Mujo Zeničanin.

Awards for the best 3D design went to JU Tehnička škola Zenica (Hamza Ćolaković) and JU Saobraćajna i elektro škola Doboj (Lazar Petrović).

The event was organized in cooperation with the UNDP projects Economic Governance for Growth (EGG2), financed by the Government of Norway, "Strengthening the capacity of cyber security in Bosnia and Herzegovina", financed by the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as "SDG Partnerships on Combatting SGBV in the Digital Sphere", which is funded by the UNDP Seoul Policy Center (USPC) and is implemented with the support of the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA). The complementary action of these projects educates children and young people in STEM skills, and raises awareness of exposure in the digital sphere.

Olav Reinertsen

Photo: Haris Čalkić
“This initiative has been a collaborative effort, bringing together educators, students, and mentors to foster a vibrant learning environment. Over the past two years, we have embarked on an ambitious endeavour to enhance STEM education, both through providing necessary infrastructure and equipment as well as providing students with lifelong skills and knowledge needed to keep up with the fast-paced nature of technological advancements and the increasing demands of the labor market.”
Olav Reinertsen, Norway’s Ambassador to BiH

“Schools of the Future” was a groundbreaking endeavor that has catalyzed a profound evolution in STEM education across partner primary and secondary schools, where EGG2 has not only introduced cutting-edge STEM cabinets, but also cultivated a community of practitioners.

Aida Laković Hošo

Photo: Haris Čalkić
“UNDP in BiH promotes inclusive and quality education. We are proud to partner with 29 schools that are part of the STEM community with more than 500 students and 70 teachers. We thank the teachers for their dedication, and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway for their support. Special thanks to the students for their passion and dedication.”
Aida Laković Hošo, Good Governance Sector Leader at UNDP in BiH


Part of the event was an Expo, a vibrant exhibition where diverse organizations, universities, IT companies, and companies specialized in robotics showcased their pioneering work.

Eldar Bošnjak

Photo: Haris Čalkić
“Participating in the ‘Schools of the Future’ project has motivated us to fully dedicate ourselves to robotics and automation, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. This project brought us closer to our teachers, who generously shared their time, knowledge, and experience, leaving us with unforgettable memories. We innovated and enhanced the 'Hexapod,' gaining valuable knowledge and experience that will benefit our future endeavors. We thank you sincerely for this incredible opportunity.”
Eldar Bošnjak, student of JU Mješovita srednja škola Tešanj