City of Mostar: Results of the Public Call for subsidizing the installation of solar systems

SolarCET Project

May 26, 2023



The project "Accelerating Clean Energy Transition Through Utilization of Solar Energy Potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ (SolarCET), which is financed by the Government of the Slovak Republic and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP), announces the results of the Public Call for subsidizing the installation of solar systems for self-consumption in individual housing units in the area of the City of Mostar. The Public Call was published in cooperation with the City of Mostar, and with the support of the UNDP’s project "Catalyzing Environmental Finance for Low-Carbon Urban Development" (URBANLED), financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

This Public Call was announced on 31 October 2022, and the deadline for submitting applications was extended until 12 December 2022. The evaluation committee reviewed and evaluated the received applications in accordance with the prescribed general and technical criteria, which were specified in the Public Call. The general criterion was the completeness of the submitted documentation, while the technical criteria included the ratio of co-financing of the installation of the solar system by applicant, the use of residential space (number of users per m2), the annual consumption of electricity and the use of a heat pump. In addition, preference was given to women owners of individual housing units, as well as to households with family members under 35 years of age.

After reviewing all the applications and the specified criteria, a total of twenty seven (27) owners of individual housing units from the area of the City of Mostar were selected to receive technical and financial support for the installation of solar systems for self-consumption during 2023.

In the case that one of the first-ranked beneficiaries from the final ranking list withdraws, the beneficiaries from the reserve ranking list (in the below written order) will receive a subsidy recommendation.

The goal of these activities is to encourage citizens, owners of private housing units, to use solar panels as a measure to support the transition to clean energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and fight air pollution and energy poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The final ranking list of the results of the Public Call follows:

No. Applicant

1. Dinka Mišić
2. Blaž Drežnjak
3. Bosiljko Knežević
4. Sanja Merzić
5. Alija Abaza
6. Ivan Bevanda
7. Sanel Tiro
8. Tomo Marić
9. Tihomir Pandža
10. Dragan Čule
11. Bećo Trebović
12. Margareta Pehar
13. Semir Temim
14. Amina Šahović
15. Slavko Cvitković
16. Ana Mandić
17. Marin Milićević
18. Jusuf Tanović
19. Semir Suljić
20. Srećko Mataić
21. Dragan Milićević
22. Mario Nikolić
23. Semir Memić
24. Tomislav Mihić
25. Mirsad Lavić
26. Dragan (Ilija) Čule
27. Omer Šator

Reserve ranking list:

No. Applicant

1. Borislav Puljić
2. Dženana Kotlo 
3. Zdravko Bošković
4. Zlatan Ćiber
5. Vlado Cvitković
6. Haris Vuk
7. Zovko Jozo
8. Amin Čevra
9. Mili Knezović
10. Zdravko Vico
11. Anka Drmač
12. Veselko Barišić
13. Slavko Vidović
14. Azer Huseinbegović
15. Vedran Jeličić
16. Halil Smajilović
17. Dženana Kotlo 
18. Vahidin Nazdrajić
19. Dragan Jurić
20. Mile Vrljić
21. Imšir Đonko
22. Samir Sefo
23. Ibro Bubalo
24. Meadin Balavac
25. Bernadica Miličević
26. Edin Čolaković
27. Krešimir Tomić
28. Branko Drežnjak
29. Marko Nikolić
30. Vlado Leko
31. Miroljub Talić
32. Marko Sesar
33. Semir Ćesir
34. Franjo Čerkuč
35. Suad Pilav
36. Željko Dobrinić
37. Đenan Velagić
38. Zvonko Stanić


Applicants who are not on this ranking list have not met the conditions of the Public Call. All persons who applied for this Public Call have the right to object to UNDP and the Project Implementation Unit, within five days from the date of the publication of the ranking list on the websites of the City of Mostar and UNDP. The decision of the Complaints Commission is final and will be published on the websites of the City of Mostar and UNDP within five days of receipt of the complaint.

Objections with accompanying documentation can be submitted in person or sent by registered mail to the following address:

Grad Mostar
ul. Adema Buća 19
Projekt SolarCET/Projektna implementaciona jedinica (PIU)
88000 Mostar

The documentation needs to be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked with: "Objection to the Public Call for subsidizing the installation of solar systems for personal needs on individual housing facilities in the City of Mostar".  The full name, address and contact telephone number of the complainant should be written on the back of the envelope.