Beginning of works on the energy improvement of three more public buildings in BiH

Project "Scaling-up Investment in Low-Carbon Public Buildings"

August 9, 2022


Works on the energy improvement of three more public buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina have started under the UNDP’s project "Scaling-up Investment in Low-Carbon Public Buildings",  which is financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
The educational institutions, Elementary School "Desanka Maksimović" in Ostružnja Donja, Stanari, Kindergarten "Majke Jugovića" in Doboj and Elementary School "Sveti Sava" in Sočkovac, Petrovo, will be upgraded with better thermal (thermo-facade) and roof insulation, new windows and doors, as well as with improved heating system.

The total value of these works is around 740,000 BAM, of which 80% was funded by the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of the Republika Srpska, and the remaining funds were provided by UNDP through this project.


The use of clean energy sources for heating will contribute to the reduction of pollution and CO2 emissions by 375t annually, which is the main goal of the project. In addition, upon completion of the works, these institutions will have multiple benefits, including better working and living conditions for all beneficiaries, students, teaching and other staff, children attending kindergarten, as well as lower energy consumption for heating that will lead to significant savings.
In addition to contributing to a cleaner environment and better air quality, public investments in energy efficiency can help drive various industries. Investing in the implementation of energy efficiency measures directly affects the economy, increases the volume of work of domestic companies in various industries, and leads to the employment of new workforce.

Since 2018, infrastructural measures to improve energy efficiency have been implemented in 101 buildings in the country through this project.
UNDP has been working with its partners to improve energy efficiency of public buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2009.