Inclusive Governance for SDG 16 Implementation


Over the past decade Bhutan has embarked on a process of democratization. In spite of significant progress achieved, the 11th Five Year Plan, Bhutan’s national development plan for the period 2013-2018, acknowledges that many development challenges remain to be addressed for the realization of inclusive governance.

The project aims to support governance institutions and communities of Bhutan in further exercising the principles of responsive democratic governance at the national and local levels for SDG 16 implementation. In order to reach its aim, the project will work with partners from the Royal Government of Bhutan and civil societies, the media and academia towards the following:

  1. Evidence-based decision-making and an inclusive policy environment are enhanced for GNH and SDG implementation
  2. Rule of law institutions are strengthened for enhanced access to justice for women, marginalized groups and key population (e.g. LGBTI, PLHIV, PwDs)
  3. Parliament, key government institutions, and civil society are supported to perform core functions for improved accountability, participation and representation