Justice Sector Strategic 2018-2019


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Justice Sector Strategic 2018-2019

May 21, 2019

As Bhutan’s justice sector grows in size, complexity, and relevance, so too does the need for the sector to develop to meet emerging needs and challenges. With increasing relevance comes the commensurate challenges for justice institutions to: provide more effective and efficient services; improve cross-institutional coordination; and strengthen internal performance and build staff capacity.  

Government priorities change with time and with the succession of governments. The development and coordination of the justice sector, however, needs to be undertaken in light of clear, long-term objectives that reflect the aspirations and justice needs of the people of Bhutan. The objective of this Justice Sector Strategic Plan (the Plan), therefore, is to define a strategic framework - or road map - for justice sector reform and development in Bhutan so that justice institutions can provide more accessible, inclusive, accountable, responsive, and quality services. Through this, community trust and confidence in the sector can be strengthened and a just, equitable, and harmonious society in Bhutan is continually sought to be achieved. 

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