Our Partners


Our Partners


Partnering for resilient, inclusive and sustainable development

Our work in Bhutan is anchored in diverse and effective partnerships. We collaborate with a wide array of partners to leverage the range of skills and resources to better serve the development needs of Bhutan. Our interventions are at the policy, institutional and community levels. We work with partners at the national, district and community level to implement programmes that help achieve the country's developmental aspirations, including its transition to a middle-income country and finding innovative solutions to the top national development priorities. The priorities are promoting wellbeing of its citizens, environment conservation, providing jobs to its growing youth population, fighting climate change, addressing growing waste problem, promoting gender equality, enhancing access to justice, and promoting clean energy among others.

In the context of COVID-19 crisis, UNDP is providing the technical lead in the UN’s socio-economic recovery efforts. The longer-term social and economic impact of this crisis is profound. That’s why we remain committed to leading the UN’s socio-economic response in partnership with our sister UN agencies to help Bhutan build back better, stronger and greener, and bring about transformational changes.


UNDP and the Government 

The partnership between UNDP and the Royal Government of Bhutan began in 1973 almost 50 years ago, with the development of the country’s human resource, tourism and energy sectors. Over the years, the partnership has grown and diversified involving issues such as poverty, environment, climate change, disaster risk reduction and inclusive governance to address priorities of the Royal Government. Read More 

UNDP and Civil Society 

The civil society plays a key role in supporting the attainment of the SDGs and GNH. UNDP works closely with and advocate for the inclusion of civil society, including women’s rights and disabled people’s organizations, in country-led efforts to achieve the SDGs and GNH. Read More

Development Partners and Donors 

In Bhutan, we have more than 46 years of experience leading development work. The transformational work we do in Bhutan is made possible by generous and continued support from our development partners and donors. Read More 

International Organization and Vertical Funds 

In Bhutan, UNDP remains a vital implementation and policy partner to key vertical funds, such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF). Read More

UN Agencies

UNDP plays different role alongside sister agencies as SDG integrator. We work closely with partners across the UN Country Team in accelerating SDGs, where relevant and necessary. Read More

Private Sector

Private sector is nascent in Bhutan but evolving and can be critical development partner in the years to come to leverage development results. Read More


We work closely with the local media to share stories of transformational change and development from Bhutan. Read More