UNDP bhutan and CSOs and NGOs


Civil Society Organizations

UNDP and Civil Society

The civil society plays a key role in supporting the attainment of the SDGs and GNH. UNDP works closely with and advocate for the inclusion of civil society, including women’s rights and disabled people’s organizations, in country-led efforts to achieve the SDGs and GNH. We engage with CSOs at various levels, as partners in advocacy and implementation while also providing supporting the growth and development of the organizations themselves.

 Our CSOs/NGOs partners are:

  1. Bhutan Ecological Society
  2. Bhutan Water Partnership (BhWP) Secretariat, RSPN
  3. Handicrafts Association of Bhutan
  4. Royal Society for Protection of Nature
  5. Lhomon Society, Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative
  6. RENEW Bhutan
  7. Tarayana Foundation
  8. Loden Foundation
  9. Disabled People's Organisation
  10. Bhutan Youth Development Fund
  11. Department of Youth and Sports
  12. BFL Fund Secretariat
  13. Bhutan Foundation
  14. Rangjung Foundation
  15. BCMD
  16. Nazhoen Lamtoen
  17. Ability Bhutan Society
  18. Draktsho