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Innovation and Digital Transformation


Our Accelerator Lab is part of UNDP’s global network of 90 labs covering 114 countries.

We are part of UNDP’s drive to be an incubator for the future. To accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda, we need to be fast and curious. The Accelerator Labs are designed to close the gap between the current practices of international development in an accelerated pace of change. They model a new capability to make breakthroughs on the future of development: inequality, decarbonization, the 4th industrial revolution and new forms of governance.

The labs are dedicated to ‘doing development differently’ through learning-by-doing, and by using innovative tools like prototyping, behavioral insights and collective intelligence. In Bhutan, we are helping the country and its people become more agile, resilient and anticipatory as it builds back from the COVID-19 crisis.

The frontier challenges the lab is helping to tackle are:

  • Youth unemployment
  • Waste management through promotion of circular economy
  • Public sector innovation through enhanced citizen engagement

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Youth employment and empowerment

While youth empowerment and engagement are mainstreamed across all of UNDP’s works, there are targeted interventions which are aligned with the government’s initiatives. UNDP in partnership with the government, NGOs and through private sector engagement, support youth entrepreneurship and engagement in policymaking, through the portfolio of solutions identified in the Youth Empowerment Systems Map. We also explore opportunities to diversify jobs including the orange (digital) jobs and green jobs, in line with the future skills requirements for Bhutan’s economy.