Using the Arts to Reduce Gender-Based Violence

April 20, 2023

Throughout the world, art has been used as a medium of expression and to communicate important messages to audiences. The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security in collaboration with the Enabling Gender-Responsive Disaster Recovery, Climate and Environmental Resilience in the Caribbean (EnGenDER) Project supported by the Governments of Canada and the United Kingdom, used the creative arts to help in their efforts to eradicate domestic violence.

With the help of a popular local songbird as well as three talented mural artists, the ministry sought to promote their 914 toll-free hotline which was designed to provide a safe space for men, women and child abuse victims to seek help. The culturally sensitive jingle was played over all major airways on the state and is believed to have reached 100,000 listeners. In addition, the beautiful and impactful murals designed to promote the 914 hotline are located in some of the most heavily frequented areas in the country’s capital of Georgetown.

One of these murals was placed at the heart of the city’s nightlife at the Kingston bandstand where it is estimated that thousands of Guyanese visit every weekend. Also, one was placed in the heart of Guyana’s busiest markets, Stabroek which acts as a port for persons heading anywhere using public transportation. The final mural was placed strategically along the East Bank of Demerara corridor which facilitates the ease of reading for persons coming from Regions Two, Three, Ten and along the East Bank which currently houses some of the country's largest communities and is a prime business hub.

But the project was able to secure even more support through the use of printed poster pledges. These colourful posters inspired people from 30+ communities to become a part of the Community Advocates Network. These people are trained to spot and report abuse and can be a lifeline for victims. 

EnGenDER supported the creation of these works of art, which are working to transform the country with their beautiful messages or hope and support.


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