Sowing seeds of hope and resilience

April 20, 2023

“After I got disabled, I gave up a little bit… I did.” 

This is the sentiment of Mr. James Augustus, who, after facing a life-changing situation, lost his ability to work as a chef. Without his livelihood, and the other challenges that stemmed from living with a disability, hope seemed like a luxury that he did not have. But James’ story is one of hope – with renewed determination and the support of the EnGenDER Project, James is an enthusiastic advocate of taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to the community. 

James is one of the participants of the Apiculture Training supported by the EnGenDER Project which is focussed on building the capacity of persons with disabilities to allow them greater opportunities to generate income and lead rewarding productive lives. In addition to persons with disabilities, the project is also providing support for other vulnerable and traditionally at-risk groups including women and youth. 

But training is not all the participants will receive, beneficiaries will be provided with start-up kits to help them continue the pathway to sustainable livelihoods. In addition to the individual packages, the Grand Bacolet Juvenile Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre which houses juveniles in conflict with the law and at-risk juveniles, will receive beehives and equipment to continue their work in apiculture. Another project beneficiary, The Cedars Home for Abused Women and their Children, a protective shelter for women who are victims of gender-based violence, will be provided with a hydroponic kit and solar drying equipment to further explore climate-smart agriculture techniques and the possibility of solar dehydration to be used in food preservation as a source of income generation.

Through the use of technology and accessible tools and equipment, the project provided a new way for persons with disabilities to earn a living and renew their hope, like James. 

“You can’t let that [disability] stop you, as long as you have life.” He asserted. 

The EnGenDER project is working with the Government of Grenada to build the capacity of Persons with Disabilities and other vulnerable groups to be empowered, independent and resilient with the provision of sustainable, livelihood skills.