Resilient and “REDI” in Antigua and Barbuda

April 20, 2023
Photo: UNDP/Barbados and the Easter Caribbean

When it comes to climate change and gender, the quote by Damian Barr, “We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm” creates a vivid picture of the differences impacting women, girls, persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups when dealing with the impacts of the changing climate. While everyone is facing the impacts of climate change, different groups are experiencing the impacts in various ways. So how do we get ready for a phenomenon that has so many diverse effects based on your background, or the proverbial ‘boat’ that you are in? The EnGenDER team focused on education! 

To ensure that communities in Antigua and Barbuda would have the best chance at boosting their resilience when it came to climate change, the Directorate of Gender Affairs (DoGA) embarked on the Wi REDI Project, funded by EnGenDER through UN Women Multi Country Office – Caribbean. Wi REDI (REDI meaning Resilient, Educated, Dynamic and Inclusive) encouraged a whole of society, community-centred approach when it came to preparing and responding to natural disasters. to incorporate their communities’ diverse needs into their disaster planning strategies. 

The Wi REDI Project used targeted workshops as well as entertainment to spread the message of resilience and the importance of considering gender when developing response plans. The first responder workshops were hosted both in Antigua and Barbuda and targeted participants from the Antigua Barbuda Red Cross, Emergency Medical Services, the Coast Guard, Lifeguards, Disabilities Association and Disaster Shelter Managers. To reach a wider cross section of persons, a one-day football tournament, Wi REDI Soccerama, was hosted. This flag-ship event used the country’s love for football to engage with the public and share information on climate action and gender while promoting the event. In addition to posters and other communication materials, the project was able to penetrate multiple levels of Antiguan and Barbudan society with messages about climate change, gender, and disaster resiliency. 

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