A CariSECURE Champion!

August 9, 2022

The CariSECURE - Strengthening Evidence Based Decision Making for Citizen Security in the Caribbean, Project is focused on creating a digital, data-driven solution to youth crime and violence in the Caribbean. Although dedicated to the digital arena, there are many people on the ground putting in the work behind the scenes. The Readiness Managers of CariSECURE are some of the true CariSECURE Champions!

To increase buy-in of the PRMIS (Police Records Management Information System) and ensure the sustainability of the initiative, it was important to have an advocate in each police force to “own” the project and champion it to the wider force. With this in mind, the Readiness Manager was created to function as a go between for the police force and the CariSECURE Project team, and a representative of the wider security professional population. This relationship has been a huge success, and has ensured communication between the ranks, and the project team and allows for the effective sharing of information. Let’s take a look at Readiness Manager, Sergeant Angello Duncan’s story as he shares his experience on implementing PRMIS and the success of the Project thus far.

Readiness Manager, Sergeant Angello Duncan


“As the Readiness Manager and a trainer for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the impact of CariSECURE and the implementation of PRMIS has been significant. St. Vincent has been moving slowly towards the goal of implementation. A number of factors have contributed to this slow progress, namely the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with staff shake-up in areas where there were personnel dedicated to pushing the project forward. These caused significant upset to a number of the mechanisms driving the project. The sudden early retirement of the previous readiness manager, ex Station Sergeant Brian Archibald also played a vital role in slowing down advancement, as it took a while for me to recalibrate our position within the project, as the new Readiness Manager.

My colleague, Corporal Stapleton and I were able to alleviate many of the issues encountered and have begun training the rank and file in the use of the PRMIS system. This has been bitter-sweet in terms of challenges faced. While the majority of the persons being trained so far are young, innovative thinkers, there is still a substantial number of members with whom we have to begin from scratch. These, by and large, are persons who are in supervisory positions and need to be given priority so that they have an understanding of the system [and are on] par with their younger subordinates. Given this fact, a lot more time has to be channelled into the training of these officers which in turn affects the implementation process. Overall, the enthusiasm has been shining through as most of the persons trained or told about the benefits of the project recognise its usefulness and pertinence. This has been a huge undertaking by all the stakeholders involved, from inception to implementation. I look forward to the benefits to be obtained within our Caribbean region, being able to gather data and enact evidence-driven policies based on the data collected.”

With Champions such as Sergeant Duncan, the future of CariSECURE is in great hands!