Grenada Smart Small State: Developing the Vision

Grenada Smart Small State - Developing the Vision

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Grenada Smart Small State: Developing the Vision

April 21, 2021

Developing the Vision

Considering the criteria of technology, resilience, and livelihoods in determining Grenada’s future direction, it is clear that a vision of a Smart Small State for Grenada, or Smart Grenada, should focus on integratng approaches to disaster preparedness, resilience, and natural resources, with emerging technologies and data for sustained economic growth, and ought to be driven by a government commitment to innovate and experiment. For this reason, we define a Smart Small State (SSS) as one that leverages the power of data and digital technologies to strengthen the country’s resilience, enhance sustainability, and improve the wellbeing of its people by creating economic opportunity that is led by an agile and efficient government.

Grenada can leverage digital tools and data to strengthen disaster preparedness, enhance
resilience to environmental and external shocks, and maximise the natural resources at hand in a sustainable way, with the aim of improving livelihoods under the Green and Blue Economies.