Nikola Simpson, Head of the Blue Economy Accelerator Lab











Resident Explorer, Innovator and Blue Economy Specialist 

As a champion of our natural environment including the Ocean, Nikola has a deep passion, love, connection and respect to the Blue and Green. Using her voice to inspire and empower change through connection, Nikola is currently learning, exploring and innovating at the UNDP Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Accelerator Lab to co-create grassroots solutions in key Blue Economy sectors such as fisheries, tourism, renewable energy, waste management and restoration.  

As she taps into emerging signals, trends and insights in the orange, blue and green economies, she holds a curious and open mindset to encourage innovation learning, experimentation and behavioural change for alternative futures.   

She believes that design and delivery of approaches informed by grassroots communities and locally – led solutions will allow us to better marry the old and the new to create a better balance - for people for planet.  

Join Nikola as she takes climate and ocean action and celebrates grassroots innovations that move us towards a more sustainable planet.