Proudly Caribbean!

July 2, 2019
Members of the LGBTI community in the Caribbean share what it means to be proudly Caribbean.

Public opinion is a crucial element in promoting equality and tolerance around the world. Challenging harmful stereotypes about LGBTI people and creating a lasting attitudinal change must be an essential part of work in this area. Together with local partners, media outreach initiatives can raise awareness about the rights of LGBTI people, highlighting their invaluable contributions to society.

The “Proudly Caribbean” campaign features a series of short videos, showing interviews with LGBTI persons from a positive perspective; conveying a message of strong individuals that are proudly members of the LGBTI communities in the Caribbean region.

As of Pride Day - 28th of June 2019 - stay tuned to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the “Being LGBTI in the Caribbean” project and those of UNDP Barbados and the OECS, where you will have access to testimonials featuring LGBTI experiences, achievements and hopes for the future in the Caribbean.