The Impact of SAPs on the Caribbean Agricultural Sector

December 30, 2021

UNDP presented the findings of the Impact of gender-blind Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) and Policies on Women Small-holder Farmers in the Eastern Caribbean. These policies, designed to mitigate negative shocks have had mixed results in the region between 1975 - 2020. The analysis revealed that the SAPs did not achieve the desired resumption of growth although they initially resulted in a reduction of macroeconomic imbalances.

Further to this, the data indicated that small scale and women farmers and fisherfolk were negatively impacted by these interventions. To mitigate the impacts of the SAPS, The UN Trust Fund coordinated several interventions to assist. UNDP lead the charge with respect to social advocacy, consultation and data gathering to better represent small scale women farmers and fisherfolk. The below infographic provides a visual representation of the results and interventions.