Accelerator Lab for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

One of ninety – one Global Accelerator Labs supporting 115 countries, the Accelerator Lab in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean is encouraging a culture of innovation and learning in key sectors of the Blue, Green and Orange Economies, with a strong focus on integrating innovation and digital technology. 

Using new and diverse data sources and innovation methods such as sense-making, horizon scanning, collective intelligence, co-creation, prototyping, pilots, artificial intelligence, foresight and behavioural insights, the Lab is being informed by local communities so that traditional ways and new ideas merge to create better balance - for people and for planet.  

As a part of UNDP’s drive to be an incubator for the future, the Lab is helping to accelerate progress on the 2030 Agenda under an Orange Inspired Blue Economy for Green Islands approach.  

We are driven by a Research & Development (R & D) mindset and by celebrating grassroots innovations that move us towards a more sustainable planet, the Lab has been able to tap into signals, trends and emerging insights for accelerated learning.

Exploring, engaging, and embedding innovation within our office, government and other partners is key as we work towards local solutions for global change and impact.  

The Accelerator Lab also collaborates with communities and lead users (small start-ups and entrepreneurs) that are already promoting sustainable innovative ideas that need a boost. To support them, the Lab works closely with partners from the public and private sectors, the UNDP Operations team, and the other Accelerator Labs that UNDP has established around the world.