The training on Women's Empowerment Principles was held for private companies

July 13, 2023


"Accepting the women's empowerment principles and following these principles are the contributions of private companies to the efforts of countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals," these thoughts were expressed in the training organized by the United Nations Development Programme for Azerbaijani that companies accepted the WEPs.

In the practical training attended by the representatives of up to 20 private companies, the experts of  UN Women and  UNDP discussed the principles 2 - equal opportunities for women and men at work, inclusion and non-discrimination, 3 - health, safety and freedom from violence, 5 - supply chain and marketing practices and 6 - community initiatives and marketing, which are more accepted by private companies in Azerbaijan, providing extensive theoretical information and sharing examples from existing world practices.

Sabina Talyshinskaya, deputy director of the Women's issues and Gender affairs department of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children's Affairs, said that the appointment and working of gender responsible persons in private companies has an important role in ensuring gender equality in the workplace.

"The Women's Empowerment Principles that represent the utmost support that can be demonstrated at the corporate level to achieve gender equality, a fundamental Sustainable Development Goal. Private businesses accepting these principles make their contribution to the "Agenda 2030" by developing practices that empower women," stated UNDP Programme Director Leyla Fathi.

At the event, Jale Hajiyeva the Executive Director of the Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association, addressed existing challenges in the women entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Elene Gabelaia an invited expert from UN Women Georgia and Project Analyst conducted sessions on principles 5 and 6. 

Representatives from Georgian companies BIM³ LLC and MBC Microfinance Organization Gvantsa Patsatsia and Ana Kukhaleishvili, shared their experiences with their Azerbaijan colleagues.

It noteworthy that the Women's Empowerment Principles, another UN initiative, are being promoted in Azerbaijan throughout the "Economic Empowerment of Women in the South Caucasus" Project. The project implemented by UNDP in partnership with the State Committee on Family, Women and Children's Affairs and financed by Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency. Within the framework of the project 20 private companies have accepted the Women's Empowerment Principles.