Stakeholder Response Mechanism

Have a Concern About a UNDP Project in Zimbabwe?


We're here to listen. If you believe a UNDP project is having a negative social or environmental impact, you can voice your concerns through our project complaint process.


Who can submit a complaint? Anyone who may be affected by a UNDP project in Zimbabwe can submit a complaint. This includes individuals and communities potentially experiencing negative impacts. You can also have a representative submit a complaint on your behalf.


How to Submit a Complaint. To submit a complaint, you can email our project complaint office at Your email should include the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Whether you would like to remain anonymous during the initial assessment (you cannot remain anonymous throughout the resolution process)
  • The name and location of the UNDP project (if known)
  • How you believe the project is negatively affecting you
  • Any steps you have already taken to address the concern
  • Whether you are interested in working with others to find a solution
  • (If a third party is submitting the complaint) Proof that you have the community's backing


What are Eligible Complaints?

A complaint is eligible for our project complaint process if it meets the following criteria:

  • It relates to a current or proposed UNDP project.
  • It explains how the project has caused, or may cause, negative social, economic, or environmental impacts.
  • It outlines what efforts have been made to resolve the issue beforehand, unless there are safety concerns about using existing mechanisms.


What is Not Eligible?

We cannot address the following:

  • Complaints that are fraudulent or malicious.
  • Complaints related to UNDP procurement or employment.
  • Complaints concerning projects that are not UNDP projects, projects where UNDP is not responsible for the specific issue, or projects where UNDP's involvement has ended.
  • Duplicate complaints unless there is significant new information.


Contact Us

For more information or to submit a complaint, please email our project complaint office at