Legal Framework

The partnership between the Government of Zimbabwe and UNDP dates back to 1980, when the Standard Basic Service Agreement (SBSA), which provides the legal framework for the cooperation, was signed by both parties. In 1997, the Government of Zimbabwe and UNDP formulated the first Country Cooperation Framework (CCF) for Zimbabwe, covering the period 1997 to 2000. On the basis of an evaluation of the first CCF, the second CCF (2000 to 2003) was formulated, emphasizing on economic policy advocacy, governance and the combat of HIV/AIDS. The second CCF was extended to 2006 to allow for implementation of outstanding activities in the light of the complex and emerging socio-economic and political challenges that Zimbabwe has been facing since the year 2000.


2022 - 2026 Country Programme Document

Zimbabwe United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022 - 2026


 Standard Basic Service Agreement (SBSA) (766.8 kB)