UNDP Yemen Mine Action Fact Sheet 2016


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UNDP Yemen Mine Action Fact Sheet 2016

October 25, 2017

UNDP has actively supported HMA (Humanitarian Mine Action) nationwide in Yemen since the late 1990s working with the national implementers. The aim of UNDP’s intervention has remained constant to reduce or eliminate the impact EO (Explosive Ordnance) has on the civilian population, infrastructure and economy. More recent conflicts have dramatically increased the geographical spread and technical complexity of EO contamination and in many parts of the country the impact is considered very high.

Having an equitable response based on the impact and needs throughout the country, UNDP supports field operations to effect survey and clearance operations conducted by YEMAC (Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre) to isolate and remove the contamination. According to the priorities of work, YEMAC has teams on the ground working in all of the most highly impacted areas of the country. Support by UNDP mainly centres on technical support, training, running costs and allowances for the YEMAC staff but also includes policy advice, the APMBC (Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention) obligations and resource mobilisation. 

key Results:

  • 3,072,181 Square Meter has been cleared
  • 47 districts in 9 governorates has been covered
  • 1,375,590 total beneficiries throughout the country