Podcast series the Descendants of Hai Ba Trung

Voices from the frontline of the climate crisis.

October 19, 2022
UNDP Viet Nam

UNDP Viet Nam is producing its first-ever podcast ‘Descendants of Hai Ba Trung’ or ‘Hậu duệ Hai Bà Trưng’, showcasing voices from the frontline of the climate crisis. Each episode showcases the journey of women from all backgrounds sharing their experiences in mobilizing their communities and taking action in the field of agriculture, disaster risk reduction, circular economy etc; to adapt and mitigate climate change.

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English transcript:

Ep 6 - Vietnamese GenZ-ers: Action for A Future Worth Living! 

Let’s celebrate the stories of three GenZ-ers who are working tirelessly to make Viet Nam environment greener and cleaner!

That’s Thuy Dung and friends of ‘Khat Vong Xanh’ group who have been persistently collecting garbage in the canals in HCMC after school time

That’s Truong Nguyen Luan, who had volunteered for several months to collect trash at Phu Quoc beach and participate in environmental action across Viet Nam

And Huong Giang, a youngest Associate Research Analyst at ASEAN Centre for Energy with the desire to attain green energy policies for Viet Nam in the upcoming years

Ep 5 - Ms.So’s dream about the next generation to protect of Can Gio Biosphere 

Mrs. Le Thi So has been living in and participating in the protection of Can Gio mangrove forest since the 1990s.

Since 2019, she has been assigned to patrol an additional hectare of newly planted different types of mangroves, as being parts of the plan to enhance biodiversity in Can Gio.

The single mother shares with us her life story and dreams for her two kids...

In this episode, we will also listen in to Mr. Huynh Duc Hoan, the head of the Can Gio mangrove forest management board, sharing about the difference between monoculture and mixed-culture in mangrove plantations, as well as the plan to enhance biodiversity restoration in Can Gio.

Ep 4 - The quiet guardians of Can Gio forest

Cần Giờ forest, with 34,000 hectares, equivalent to about 16% of the total area of Ho Chi Minh City, is being protected by 32 households, mostly following in the footsteps of their parents.

They are the second generation in protecting the mangrove forest in Cần Giờ, nurturing the green lungs and vitality of Ho Chi Minh City. And here, it is also the first biosphere reserve in Vietnam.

Let's follow the footsteps of a couple who have been living in the forest for several decades, and experience life with them to understand the difficulties and challenges of working in the old forest!

Ep 3 - Ms Trinh Thi Hong - a grassroots innovator who turns food waste into cleaning products

Trinh Thi Hong is a former factory worker and manager of a garment company. For weeks when her neighborhood stunk of piled up trash, Hong dived into it, experimented with organic waste and managed to convert organic waste into cleaning products and mobilize her neighborhood to do it with her, in so doing providing jobs for 400 women.

Ep 2 - Ms Chau Thi Xeo - the asparagus pioneer of the Cham ethnic minority

Since 2016, the pioneer woman has been making waves for being the first person in her commune to grow asparagus and come up with a unique growth system for it on semi-desert sandy soil in Ninh Thuan province in southern central Vietnam.

Ep 1 - Dr Ngo Anh Dao - Professor Mangroves

Professor Mangroves is the nickname of Dr. Ngo Anh Dao, a landscape planner and the mastermind behind a vegetated embankment that is made up of three tiers mangroves, local grass, and casuarina trees. Her creative green initiative has for many years been sheltering the people in Triem Tay village and Cam Kim commune who live by the Thu Bồn River, allowing them to keep their land from disappearing due to erosion caused by the annual storms and flooding that have become a ubiquitous feature of life in Central Vietnam.

P/S: We would love to hear your feedback or suggestions for the next episodes. Feel free to reach out to morgane.rivoal@undp.org.


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