Environmental and Social Management Framework

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Environmental and Social Management Framework

October 13, 2023

Mainstreaming Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation Objectives into Socio-Economic Development Planning and Management of Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam

This ESMF has been prepared based on the updated project screening that was done in June 2022 using the UNDP Social and Environmental Screening Procedure (2022 SESP Template Version 1). This screening resulted in the identification of nine risks of which three risk were considered “low”, while six of these risks were considered “moderate”, resulting in an overall social and environmental risk categorization of “Moderate” for the Project.

The six risks identified as moderate are:

  • risk of unintended adverse impacts because of the introduction of new legislation or policies.
  • women may not be fully involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project interventions and getting benefits from such initiatives, rather landowners and other influential persons may have more control on local level decision making.
  • project activities are proposed within and adjacent to critical habitats and/or environmentally sensitive areas, including national parks.  
  • creation of new set asides or protected areas and improved zoning of the BRs for multiple different uses, community rights of access may be restricted in specific areas. This could result in economic displacement. 
  • the project includes reforestation, harvesting non-timber products and aquatic species. Therefore, there is a risk that the harvesting of could impact on the status and health of such populations.  
  • the potential outcomes of the Project could be sensitive or vulnerable to impacts of climate change and natural disasters.