E-Mobility Contributes to Promoting the Development of a Green Hue City

October 26, 2022

Thua Thien Hue province, October 26, 2022 – The Thua Thien Hue Institute for Development Studies (HueIDS), in coordination with the People's Committee of Hue City, the Hue Provincial Women's Union, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Viet Nam, organized a workshop on e-mobility to promote electric vehicles (EV) towards the development of greener transportation in Hue City.

Attendees shared national strategies and practical contributions from local authorities, introduced pilot activities encouraging the transition to cleaner modes of transport, and discussed opportunities, challenges, solutions, and initiatives to support the development of green transport, contributing to realizing Hue's vision of a sustainable future.

The transportation sector’s extensive reliance on fossil fuels has caused it to become one of the highest-emitting sources of greenhouse gases in Viet Nam. To address this, in July 2022 the Government of Viet Nam approved the ‘Action Programme on Green Transformation and Carbon and Methane Reduction in the Transport Sector,’ with the overall objective of developing a green transport system. Under the Action Programme, the transport sector aims to improve energy efficiency and accelerate the switch to electricity and green energy. By 2050, Viet Nam intends to vigorously implement this shift towards 100% of road vehicles being electric, aligning with the commitments it made at COP26 to reach net zero emissions within the next three decades.
Currently, Thua Thien Hue province is in the process of implementing a public transport project focusing on green transport and EVs, and has been working with international organizations, including UNDP, to promote green transport both in Hue City and across the province. The target has also been included in Thua Thien Hue’s provincial plan for the period 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050̀, which is presently being finalized to submit for government approval by the end of this year.

According to Mr. Phan Quy Phuong, Vice Chairman of the Thua Thien Hue Provincial People's Committee, "In order to realize these goals, we always look forward to learning about the electric transport models of countries around the world, the orientations and goals of the Government, and the pilot models deployed in Viet Nam so we can implement them in Thua Thien Hue."

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Patrick Haverman, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Viet Nam, emphasized: "Green transport has the potential to be the mode of transport of the future in realizing Hue's long-term goals for low-carbon urban development. Hue City needs construction planning as well as an overall green transport development plan that is integrated with other development activities, including appropriate roadmaps and infrastructure networks. Traffic designs must be integrated with and friendly to the environment; at the same time, an institutional and policy framework for the encouragement, management, and operation of greening initiatives needs to be developed. Engaging stakeholders and considering cross-sectoral policies are both important factors that will contribute to ensuring the sustainability of green transport solutions, increasing urban accessibility and mobility, and promoting e-transport solutions."

This seminar is part of the project “Catalysing a Sustainable Shift Towards E-Mobility in Vietnam,” supported by the Government of Japan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enhancing the ecosystem for e-mobility and green transport at the national level and by piloting activities in Hue city.

Participating in the seminar included leaders and representatives from the Ministry of Transport and the Provincial Party Committee, Hue Provincial People's Committee, the People's Committees of districts and towns, Provincial Women's Union, and the private section.

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