Training for real-time insights to enhance forest monitoring

August 20, 2023
Photo: Truyen hinh Dak Nong

In August 2023, the iLandscape Project and CIAT organized the first intensive training program in Lam Dong province. This course aimed to equip ten forestry experts with the skills to effectively operate and utilize Terra-i for tracking real-time forest changes.

Upon completing the program, these technicians have acquired an in-depth understanding of the tools. They were proficient in analyzing input data for Terra-i.

The geographical focus encompasses the Lac Duong and Di Linh districts in Lam Dong province and the Dak Glong and Dak R'Lap districts in Dak Nong province.

Speaking at the workshop's opening, Mr. Le Van Trung, a Lam Dong Province's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development representative, said “the thin forestry workforce has to manage the forest area on complex terrain, so the project applies digital technology. With appropriate data analysis methods to help respond quickly to forest changes, monitoring of forest changes is updated more frequently and conveniently.”

Terra-i operates as a cutting-edge system that harnesses the power of satellite imagery. Functioning on a two-week cycle, it effectively pinpoints forested regions while providing timely insights into deforestation trends. With user accessibility in mind, the tool is readily available via a user-friendly web browser interface for viewing and downloading critical environmental data. This tool draws upon high-resolution image data from satellites like Sentinel-1/2 and Landsat-8. It enables it to identify and track changes in forest cover almost in real-time, boasting an impressive spatial resolution of 10 meters and a 16-day refresh frequency.

"The area of Lam Dong province is complicated, especially in Lac Duong district, where I work. Sometimes, it takes a day to reach the forest area to be checked. Thanks to the Terra-i system, forest changes are updated. Imported every two weeks and using satellite images should help forest rangers save time and effort in the forest," said Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quoc Anh, ranger station of Lac Duong district.

To ensure the smooth operation of this system, continuous data updates, and comprehensive on-site training for stakeholders engaged in forest monitoring, the technical staff members are undergoing intensive training. The next intensive training will be organized in October 2023.

Funded by the European Delegation and with support from UNDP, the iLandscape project has set forth its mission to boost forest ecosystems, uplift livelihoods, and sustain food production in the Central Highlands provinces of Lam Dong and Dak Nong.