Viet Nam

Governance and access to justice

By 2026, people will have benefited from, and have contributed to a more just, safe, and inclusive society based on improved governance, more responsive institutions, strengthened rule of law and the protection of and respect for human rights, gender equality and freedom from all forms of violence and discrimination in line with Viet Nam’s international commitments.

  • Rule of law institutions and systems strengthened, and laws implementation monitored to expand access to justice and freedom from discrimination;

  • Improved mechanisms for promoting transparency, public participation, integrity, adaptability and accountability, including participation of women and other vulnerable groups;

  • Gender-responsive, risk-informed and anticipatory capacities supported to improve human security, respond to future crises and sustain peace;

  • Capacities strengthened to undertake legal, policy and institutional reforms to address structural barriers to gender equality and inclusion of persons with disability.