The installation of a 250 kW transformator substation will ensure environmental stability in the village of Oybarak

June 2, 2022
Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

There are 255 houses with 1532 residents living in “Oybarak” village community assembly (VCA), Denov district, Surkhandarya region. The territory of the Oybarak VCA borders on the buffer zones of the Gissar State Mountain-Juniper Reserve, where most of the local population is engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture. Until today, Oybarak VCA was provided with only one transformator substation with a capacity of 63 kW, which was built in 1970 and which has long been outdated.

There is no gas supply in this region and the residents use electricity for cooking and heating their homes during the cold seasons. Due to the insufficient power of the outdated transformator substation, regular power outages occur, which can last for several hours or several days, hence the local residents are forced to resort to cutting down bushes and trees growing around the village, even if there are species included in the Red Book, which has a negative impact and leads to an imbalance in natural ecosystems. Also, in the long term, local residents lose such vital products as: nuts, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and more, because deforested trees and countless animals on the pastures do not allow plants to recover naturally.

Rakhmanov Zoir, the village leader of the Oybarak VCA

Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

Thanks to Rakhmanov Zoir, the village leader of the Oybarak VCA, who applied for technical support to the UNDP, GEF and State Ecology Committee project: “Sustainable natural resource use and forest management in key mountainous areas important for globally significant biodiversity” and together with the participation of qualified specialists, the necessary permits were obtained, the equipment was purchased and a 250 kW transformator substation was installed with joint efforts. This provides 255 households with an uninterrupted supply of electricity. It is known that most of the housework is done by women and children. When there is not enough firewood for heating the house and cooking, it is women and children who go out in search taking their time from other activities. From now on, the residents of the Oybarak VCA will have more time for their personal needs including study and spending time with families.

Egamberdieva Shirin, a resident of the Oybarak VCA, who works as a teacher at a local school, happily notes that now schoolchildren will not have any difficulties in their studies: “Due to the constant blackouts, children could not get the maximum out of their school studies. We constantly experienced difficulties with learning process, especially in such an important subject as computer science. We are very happy that our children will now have a completely different childhood.”

Egamberdieva Shirin, a resident of the Oybarak VCA

UNDP Uzbekistan

As part of the implementation of this Project, the cessation of the use of trees as firewood will prevent their extinction, stop atmospheric pollution with industrial and other harmful gases, the local population will be able to pay attention to alternative sources of income, such as the organization of guest houses and the development of domestic tourism, and children will be able to have access to modern education at any time.

UNDP Uzbekistan
"We are very happy that our children will now have a completely different childhood.”
Egamberdieva Shirin