Agrometeorological bulletin №3

Agrometeorologik byulleten

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Agrometeorological bulletin №3

January 24, 2024

Agriculture is becoming one of the most vulnerable sectors of the economy to climate change. Weather fluctuations, extreme events, and changes in precipitation patterns pose significant challenges for the sector. In this context, understanding and adapting to new climate realities are crucial components of agricultural sustainability.

In this regard, UNDP within the framework of the project “Climate Change and Sustainability in Central Asia”, funded by the European Union, in cooperation with the Agency of hydrometeorology under the Ministry of ecology, environmental protection, and climate change of the Republic of Uzbekistan, published the third agrometeorological bulletin, which highlights information throughout November-December 2023.

The bulletin provides information on the climatic conditions of the Fergana Valley observed in the last months of 2023, along with recommendations on adaptation measures.

The first issue can be found here, and the second — here.