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[COMPLETED] Building the Resilience

Building the Resilience of Local Communities Against Health, Environmental and Economic Insecurities Caused by Environmental Destruction in the Aral Sea Region

Project Summary:

The Aral Sea region remains the most vulnerable and deprived region of Uzbekistan. The disappearing Aral Sea has caused a complex range of human, environmental, socio-economic and demographic problems in the adjacent areas, with the Republic of Karakalpakstan at the epicenter of this man-made crisis.

The proposed joint programme aims to address the most urgent and immediate health and economic insecurities in the most vulnerable areas of the Aral Sea region through bringing innovative solutions to healthcare and poverty reduction initiatives. The programme’s goal is in line with the government’s policy that highlights addressing the impact of the Aral Sea environmental disaster as a priority issue. It will also serve as a means for broader advocacy in the spheres of healthcare and income generation through targeted and practical innovative pilot projects and raising awareness and best practice sharing to promote the achievement of the sustainable development goals in the Aral Sea region.

Expected Results:

1.      Improve the quality of health care services, particularly in remote rural areas through strengthening the technical and institutional capacity of local healthcare system for maternal, child and reproductive health service.

2.      Enhance income generation opportunities of the affected population through inclusive business initiatives, promotion of investments for job creation, as well as through improving access to basic services.