Meteorological forecast is of crucial importance

February 11, 2020

UNDP Uzbekistan image

Meteorological conditions forecast and related data analysis have always been a very important aspect of delivering efficient performance in agricultural sector.

We, are, therefore, installing modern and small-size weather stations directly in the fields so that they can provide with real-time operational information.

Weather stations play crucial role for risk management of potential threats by forecasting the risk of spreading pests and diseases, and will be a great asset to farmers in determining the best timing for irrigation of the crops. 

This week our project representatives, together with the specialists from regional quarantine inspection, installed three weather stations in Altyaryk, Kuvasay and Kuva districts of Ferghana region along with parallel installation in Namangan region. It is worth noting that in the framework of our project “Improving Sustainability and Adaptation of Farmers of the Ferghana Valley to the Climate Change Risks”, more meteorological stations will be installed Ferghana regions.shortly.

UNDP activities in the field of modernization and intensive development of agriculture are carried out in accordance with the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan 2017-2021, as well as in the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN member countries.