Development Futures Series

Analysis and practical insights for the future of sustainable development

What do transitions into sustainable, green, fair and just societies look like and what policies are needed to get us there? In UNDP’s ‘Development Futures Series’, you will find new information, analysis, and policy recommendations on the top development issues of today—and tomorrow.  The briefs and working papers are penned by UNDP staff from around the world sharing evidence and insights that are grounded in deep study, data and practice. UNDP’s Development Futures Series papers are especially valuable for policymakers, practitioners, and specialized journalists.

While the Policy Briefs are short pieces focused on linking evidence-based analysis to development practice and policy debate, the Working Papers are longer technical papers focusing on data analysis and in-depth research.

If you have questions on UNDP’s Development Futures Series and are interested in publishing evidence based research and engaging policy analysis, please contact us at development.futures@undp.org.

UNDP's Development Futures Series briefs and working papers

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