Concept Note on Human Capital Development in Rehabilitation

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Concept Note on Human Capital Development in Rehabilitation

October 5, 2023

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine is dedicated to establishing a robust network of healthcare institutions that offer modern, evidence-based rehabilitation care. As part of this effort, non-specialized inpatient rehabilitation departments have been seamlessly integrated into the network, ensuring that citizens receive comprehensive rehabilitation assistance from the initial onset of injury or illness.

A primary focus of the Ministry is the development of human capital within the realm of rehabilitation. This emphasis is crucial, not only due to the existing shortage of rehabilitation specialists but also because these professionals—whether they work in rehabilitation institutions, departments, or units—must possess both fundamental and advanced competencies and skills. Their expertise is vital for delivering modern, evidence-based rehabilitation care to diverse groups of patients, including veterans, civilians impacted by war, and those with ailments not connected to conflict.

The objectives of this concept note are to:

  • Highlight successful international practices and recommendations for the development, training, and ongoing education of rehabilitation professionals.
  • Discuss the primary educational and qualification challenges confronted by Ukrainian rehabilitation specialists and multidisciplinary teams, emphasizing the competencies they require.
  • Pinpoint key areas where future initiatives can bolster education in rehabilitation, thereby elevating the quality of rehabilitation care throughout Ukraine.

This publication is a result of the project titled "Supporting the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities Caused by War." This initiative is facilitated by UNDP and financially supported by the governments of the Republic of Korea and Germany.