Enhancing women’s political participation at the subnational level


The project aims to promote gender equality at the subnational level through (1) increasing the civil and political participation of women, especially rural women and women with disabilities who are running in upcoming local elections; (2) mentoring elected local women councillors; and (3) strengthening institutional capacity for gender-responsive decision-making in amalgamated territorial communities.

The project will operate in four oblasts of Ukraine – Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zakarpattya and Khmelnitskyi oblasts – to enhance public awareness about the need for the full, equal, free and democratic participation of women, on equal terms with men, in political and public life.


The overall objective of the project is to promote women’s political participation and representation at the subnational level through (1) a capacity development and mentoring programme for women elected as local councillors, especially rural women and women with disabilities; and (2) strengthening the institutional capacity for gender-responsive decision-making in amalgamated territorial communities.


  • Develop a practical impact-oriented offline training programme aimed at supporting women councillors in their new capacity;
  • Promote the training programme for women councillors through the Ministry of Communities and Territories and associations of local self-government bodies.
  • Conduct desk research on Ukrainian and international best practices of women's participation in decision making, with a focus on addressing the needs of vulnerable groups of women through their representation in and influence on local councils’ decisions. 
  • Based on the desk research and analysis of the results of the offline pilot training programme, develop and implement public awareness campaign aimed at promoting gender equality and women's participation and representation in political and public life among the key stakeholders and wider public.
  • Based on the results of abovementioned training programme, develop and launch a complimentary online training course for the members of the local city councils with a focus on promoting gender equality and the rights of vulnerable groups among other topics.

The project will focus on the following target groups:

●representatives and decision-makers in local government in the selected oblasts;

●newly elected women local councillors, especially those representing vulnerable groups (e.g. rural women and women with disabilities) and men councillors of amalgamated territorial communities in the selected oblasts;

●civil society organisations working on promoting human rights, gender equality, and democratic reforms in Ukraine – with a focus on decentralization reform;

●professional local government unions such as the Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities, the Association of Cities, and the Association of Small Cities.

Project status:


Project start date:

August 2020

Estimated end date:

July 2021

Funding Support by

Donor name

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amount contributed

$102,600 (929.349 NOK)