Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Support to Digitalisation of Public Services in Ukraine (DIA Support) Project

Project Summary:

The initiative builds on UNDP Ukraine's many years of experience in two tracks: administrative service reform, and the re-engineering and digitalization of processes in public administration – including through participatory methods of citizen and expert engagement.

Ukraine in 2020 entered what the Government hails as a new era for digitalized interaction with the state – the "Diia" complex of digital solutions under the auspices of the "Your State in Your Smartphone" vision.

Within the DIA Support Project, UNDP will assist its government counterparts, first and foremost the Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT) to select a comprehensive set of services that representatives of vulnerable groups require in their life situations, and ensure that these services can be delivered in a digitalized or digitally-enhanced, mobile-based form. MDT, its system of chief digital transformation officers and it sister agencies in the Government and Parliament will also gain an in-depth understanding of approaches to Human Rights Based Approach in crafting public services for citizen-clients. The project will continue to study the best practices of Ombudsperson Offices in Europe so that they may be adapted for use in the Ukrainian environment. Finally, the Project will also work proactively with citizen-clients to enhance their digital skills and their willingness to adopt the solutions offered by new technology.

Project objectives:

  • Government institutions have the knowledge and skills to design and implement policies to digitalise citizen-oriented services in line with principles of the Human Rights Based Approach and gender mainstreaming;
  • Client-centred digital service packages are built around life situations in a participatory and gender-responsive manner;
  • Ukrainian women and men know more about the digital and mobile-based services available to them and use these services more to meet their needs.

Expected Results:

By 2024, women and men, girls and boys participate in decision-making, and enjoy human rights, gender equality, and effective, transparent and non-discriminatory public services. 


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