EU and UNDP boost recovery efforts through advanced risk management training

Over 100 workers are undergoing training in risk management techniques to remove debris in Ivankiv community

August 18, 2023

The workers are undergoing training in risk management techniques to remove debris in Ivankiv community.

Photo: Stas Kartashov / UNDP in Ukraine

Kyiv, 18 August 2023 – As Ukraine grapples with the consequences of the ongoing war, it has already begun prioritizing recovery and reconstruction, in places like Kyiv Oblast, which saw the destruction of over 4,500 high-rise buildings and private houses. The Ivankiv community, a prominent cluster within Kyiv Oblast with 81 settlements, was among the first to bear the brunt of the full-scale invasion and is now the focus of the EU’s and UNDP’s 'Support to Early Recovery in War-affected Areas in Ukraine' Project.

In the initial phase of this initiative, over 100 workers are undergoing training in risk management techniques. Once equipped, they will work to remove 21,000 tons of debris and rehabilitate 430 sites and buildings identified through damage assessments, collaboration with local authorities, and the humanitarian NGO, HALO Trust.

During the training kickoff, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Ukraine, Christophoros Politis, underscored the safety threats and hazards posed by the impact of damage and destruction caused by the war in Ukraine. "The debris from war-related destruction presents ongoing challenges even after the liberation of territories, and hampers the return of life to those areas – unexploded ordnance, damaged buildings at risk of collapse, hazardous waste and broken power and other utility lines are among the dangers that we’re training workers to deal with.”

Piet Blonde, Acting Head of the Political Section at the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, said ensuring the safety and security of Ukraine's land is a priority for the European Union. "The European Union remains a constant and unwavering ally to Ukraine," he said. "In the pursuit of our shared goals, I wish to express our deep gratitude to those dedicated teams working tirelessly to clear debris, which also encompasses the critical task of demining."

Joining the opening ceremony, Lesia Karnaukh, Deputy Head of the Kyiv Oblast Administration expressed her gratitude to the debris-clearing workers and commended the UNDP and the EU. "This safety training isn't just about immediate protection; it's shaping a strategy for Ukraine's triumphant future—a future where our lands are safe for residents to return,” she said. “Our experiences over the past 18 months of war show that, with international aid, we can attain this." 

Maryna Beschastna, Deputy Head of Ivankiv Rural Council emphasized the severe effects of the war on the Ivankiv community. "After enduring a daunting 36-day occupation, we were left with vast devastation, with a heartbreaking 90 percent directed at our homes,” she said.

Background: In August 2022 The European Commission, through its Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI), contributed  EUR 20 million to UNDP to support debris removal and restoration of critical infrastructure in Ukraine. The funds also are being used to identify, map and neutralise urgent environmental threats, and to help repair, restore, and/or procure strategic infrastructure, in particular, to improve water and energy supply in affected areas.

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