Promotion of digital public services in Turkmenistan

Project Goals

The aim of this pilot project is to digitalize the services of the civil registration system and contribute to the creation of a Unified State Register of Civil Status Records (hereinafter - the Unified Register of Civil Status Records) for the Ministry of Adalat of Turkmenistan. In the process of piloting this system the core of the future Unified Civil Registry will be created, and the efficiency and effectiveness of this system will be demonstrated. The pilot project will be launched in the selected territory.

The creation of the digital system is an integral part of the development of the Unified Registry of Civil Status, as stated in the Law of Turkmenistan "On Acts of Civil Status" and carried out in accordance with the State Program on Development of Digital Economy of Turkmenistan for 2021-2025.

In the framework of this project UNDP will provide technical assistance and support to the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan for creation and implementation of a pilot digital system for registration of civil status records.

Expected Results

Result 1

In cooperation with UNICEF the roadmap on digitization of the registration system will be prepared and the existing legal framework has been analyzed. This work will be done by international experts, considering the best international practices.

Result 2

A web service - Unified Register of Civil Registry Office - will be developed and put into pilot operation. This pilot system will serve as the core of the future national system of the Unified Registry Office.UNDP will also provide the national partner with necessary server equipment to operate this pilot project and train technical staff.

Also, in the framework of this project the technical feasibility of digitization of existing paper civil registers will be studied, a methodology will be selected and a trial digitization of a selected number of existing civil registers will be conducted.