Competition on climate change issues held in Dashoguz

December 5, 2023

Competition on climate change issues held in Dashoguz

UNDP Turkmenistan

On December 2, 2023, an Environmental Brain Ring among youth was held in Dashoguz, organized jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Turkmenistan and the USAID Youth Development Activity (YDA). The competition was held within the framework of the project “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Land Resources and High Nature Value Ecosystems in the Aral Sea Basin for Multiple Benefits”, implemented by UNDP and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan."

Eight teams from various educational institutions in the Dashoguz velayat participated in the competition, including the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, the Dashoguz Agro-Industrial Secondary Vocational School, the B. Seytakov Pedagogical School, the Dashoguz City Secondary School No. 1, a team of khyakimliks of the Ruhubelent and S. Turkmenbashi etraps, local NGOs, and representatives of civil society in the Dashoguz velayat.

Recognizing the critical importance of addressing waste disposal, recycling, air and water pollution, as well as other climate change issues, the organizers held an intellectual game to enhance awareness and knowledge among local youth. The focus was made on environmental issues related to the Aral crisis, climate change, protection and restoration of natural resources, biodiversity, and fostering active participation of youth in climate action.

Ms. Yulduz Yusupova, a teacher at Secondary School #1, remarked, ‘Initiatives like these play a crucial role in fostering environmental awareness and promoting pro-environmental behavior change’.

The intellectual game provided a platform for raising knowledge about the natural wonders of Dashoguz velayat, especially protected areas of the region, plants, and animals listed in the Red Book of Turkmenistan. Participants also gained insights into the consequences of anthropogenic impact and the effects of climate change on nature.

"I am very happy and proud to have taken part in this competition. It was a very interesting and useful experience for me. We competed against worthy opponents from other teams and were able to win,” – proudly noted the captain of the winner team from Dashoguz Agro-Industrial Secondary Vocational School, Mr. Altyyev Guvanch. 

The winners received prizes and souvenirs in recognition of their achievements.