Women's Cooperatives and Women Entrepreneurs Product Catalogue


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Women's Cooperatives and Women Entrepreneurs Product Catalogue

June 24, 2022

The Women's Cooperatives and Women's Entrepreneurs Product Catalogue focuses on the work of 58 women's cooperatives and 22 women entrepreneurs who have had the opportunity to develop their business models by taking part in the Business to Social Cohesion Project. The beneficiaries of the project create many special products by making use of local plants, weaving and processing techniques in different regions of Turkey; and while doing this, they provide employment opportunities to the women of the region, especially those who are disadvantaged. This catalogue has been prepared to include the products of the project beneficiaries such as food, textile, home textile and souvenirs as well as producer profiles and sales channels.


Funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by UNDP Türkiye in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Development Agencies, the “Business to Social Cohesion Project” is built around two main components. Within the scope of the first component, 40 women's cooperatives were visited on-site and a needs analysis study was carried out. Within the scope of the second component, 104 women's cooperatives and women entrepreneurs received a ten-day training with the Business Development Bootcamp held in Hatay, Kayseri and Izmir. Following 120 hours of tailor-made business development consultancies shaped according to their needs, 80 beneficiaries from both components benefitted from the in-kind micro-grant support determined by considering the needs of their businesses. During the project, the beneficiaries received training such as Integration to E-Commerce Platforms, Product Photography, Foreign Trade and Export. In addition, within the scope of the project, a Local Products Digital Platform was established with the aim of discovering Türkiye's local products and making the product variety visible.


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