"The Journey of Flax from Past to Today" Booklet

"Dünden Bugüne Ketenin Yolculuğu" Kitapçığı

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"The Journey of Flax from Past to Today" Booklet

January 11, 2023

As UNDP Türkiye, within the scope of the Social Innovation Challenge that we organized and in cooperation with Döngü Cooperative, we published a booklet that aims to support agricultural development, create a better understanding of the added value of flax to the fight against the climate crisis and create incentives for its production.

The publication that approaches the flax in a multidimensional way, provides information on its history, place in culture, environmental effects and potential future applications. It also emphasizes its aspects such as offering an environmentally and climate-friendly development model with minimum water and pesticide needs, as well as being more energy efficient than many alternatives in the industry from production to processing.

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