The Future of Procurement in the perspective of Social Development

Sosyal Kalkınma Açısından Satın Almanın Geleceği

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The Future of Procurement in the perspective of Social Development

November 25, 2022

Economic approaches, policies and even theories that try to find solutions to crises that are deepening and increasing in layers inevitably undergo human-oriented transformations. The process, which is defined from a broader perspective with social development based on human development, is being redefined and discussed with deepening poverty, increasing inequalities, diversifying and widespread migrations, the climate crisis that is becoming increasingly impossible to compensate, and finally the pandemic, which is the global threat of humanity. 

This report, which discusses the future of procurement in the perspecive of social development and is framed with policy recommendations, presents a unique approach for Turkey and offers an alternative national perspective to the solutions discussed for the current crisis age. In this context, the prominent discussions and findings of the report can be summarized under the following headings:

1. The economic development paradigm is redefined in the focus of social development.

2. Traditional procurement and its methods are redefined as “social procurement” as a social policy tool in order to reduce inequalities.

3. Identifying the parties and their roles becomes critical in the redesign and “social” redesign of traditional procurement.

4. The redesign of procurement from the focus of social development is largely shaped by digital and green transformation.

5. Policy recommendations and instruments for the social design of procurement require a multi-actor structure.