The Changing Nature of Work


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The Changing Nature of Work

May 26, 2021

30 signals to consider for a sustainable future

The notion of work has significantly evolved in the last century. Although we can now fully automate many tasks as a result of advanced technologies, strategic thinking and planning as well as execution still require a strong element of human judgment, morals and intelligence, which cannot yet be found in machines.

This report has been produced as a response to a need recognized by experts and others: the changing nature of work requires a set of actions that is not only responsive to changes that are taking place, but is also capable of exploring possible options that may change communities in significant ways in coming years. The report reveals 30 signals that shape the ‘where, who, how, and why’ of the changing nature of work. From the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce to new work models and entrepreneurial ecosystems, the authors representing six UNDP Accelerator Labs explore opportunities and threats, as well as solutions from local contexts that can be scaled up into positive answers to the challenges people around the world are facing.

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