Six months after the earthquakes in Türkiye

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Six months after the earthquakes in Türkiye

August 8, 2023

The 6 February earthquakes in southern Türkiye claimed the lives of more than 50 thousand people and destroyed more than 313 thousand buildings, leaving 3.3 million people without shelter.

Six months later, economic life in the region is still disrupted. In some provinces affected by the disaster, employment decreased by half. More than 3 million people left their cities, and their return is uncertain. Businesses in earthquake-affected provinces suffer from acute labor shortage. Essential services in the region are disrupted.

In the face of the disaster, UNDP supported survivors from the first days after the disaster. The main achievements in the first six months are presented in this brochure and all can be scaled up quickly to expand their reach and impact.

But to do more, UNDP needs more funding. Given the immense needs, further international solidarity and generosity are vital.

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