‘Integrated Approach for Sustainable Cotton Production Booklet’ for Cotton Farmers and Technical Experts is Published

August 25, 2020

The booklet ‘Integrated Approach for Sustainable Cotton Production’ has been published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Regional Development Administration, with the technical support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey Office and Good Cotton Practices Organisation (İyi Pamuk Uygulamaları Derneği - IPUD) in order to contribute to the technical experts working on cotton area and the cotton producers.

The booklet was prepared as hard copy and digital copies in order to be a source of inspiration in the regional and national area, as well as in the international arena for the inclusive and sustainable development studies in the production of cotton, which is one of the leading products of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, for the effective continuation and dissemination of the ‘Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (IRE)’ Project. The goal is also to increase resource use efficiency and contribute to educational activities in this field.

Prepared by Prof. Dr. Cafer Mart, the booklet aims to raise awareness and improve the practices on irrigation, plant nutrition management, integrated pest management, fiber quality and biodiversity in the cotton fields in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. It also consists of topics such as selection of the convenient cotton type, preparation of soil, planting techniques, fertilization, maintenance, correct implementation of growing techniques, precaution techniques for protecting the environment and water resources and modern solutions for plant production problems.

The 'Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (IRE) Project', is carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology GAP Regional Development Administration Directorate and with the technical support of UNDP Turkey in order to use the production factors and resources in agricultural production and agro-based industry in a more effective and efficient way and to support improving the competitiveness of the region since 2017.

Please follow this link to reach the booklet.