In Action for a Gender Responsive Transformation in Local Economies and Business Life

November 27, 2020

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is working to break gender-based stereotypes and prejudices in local economies and business life, through its “Gender Responsive Transformation of Companies and Institutions” programme under “Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP)”, funded by the European Union (EU). Gender equality, which is one of the fundamental elements of sustainable development and socio-economic empowerment, manifests itself in public sphere around issues such as participation in the workforce and employment opportunities, equal pay for equal work, equality for social and economic opportunities, gender responsive employment and company practices, removing barriers for equal representation in business life, preventing violence in the workplace, equal access to healthy work environment and non-gendered division of labour.

“Gender Responsive Companies and Institutions” program has been implemented under “Jobs Creation Component” of the Project. The programme is being executed to promote gender equality in Izmir, Adana and Gaziantep provinces, where the project is being implemented.  Under the scope of this program, “Taking Action for Gender Equality” training was offered by the Mother and Child Education Foundation’s (AÇEV) initiative “Equality Matters” was held in October with a total of 20 local entrepreneurs, business owners and company representatives, including 2 new companies, participating in the programme.

The series of trainings and workshops were held online between 14 and 23 October, covering 6 half-days, with 7 different sessions in various formats; individual and group presentations, group trainings and joint discussions on different topics with respect to gender equality, moderated by expert trainers.

The training aimed to provide participant companies and their representatives with competence to take responsibility in their workplace to advocate for gender equality and contribute to the gender responsive transformation of their institutions. Following issues were covered throughout the training; gender equality and preventing gender-based discrimination in the workplace, sexism in everyday life, masculinity and fatherhood, gender-based violence, gender equality and transformation in business life. At the end of the training, participants were given a kit including materials which reflect the current situation of gender equality in Turkey and Pioneers of Change Handbook”, on gender responsive transformation of workplace. Attendees were also given certificates of participation.”

The next session of the program will be on “Fatherhood Talks”, aiming to contribute to the change in the traditional perception of gender roles in household and business life and to ensure gender equality in families.