Strengthen Integral Local Development

Strengthening integral local development 



Designed to complement (and support) other on-going decentralization/local government projects and programmes, this UNDP project will support the Ministry of State Administration by providing technical assistance (long term national experts and short-term international consultants) in the following 2 areas (as requested by the DG Decentralization, Ministry of State Administration): Enhancing the legal, policy and institutional framework for decentralization 'One-stop-shop' for selected public services at the municipal level.

Training on the Municipal Portal to the participants from 12 municipalities




The Government of Timor-Leste, with the budget support of EU {EUR 11.25 Million), has launched a national programme on Deconcentration and Decentralization called "Supporting Programme to Deconcentration and Decentralisation process in Timor-Leste {SPDD-TL)." The project is in line with the UNSDCF 2021-2025 (Outcome 5) and UNDP country programme, which support governance reforms, decentralization, provision of services and local economic development, livelihoods and the enhancement of public participation and particularly the role of women, young people, people with disabilities, and others left behind, in decision making at all level. 

The project will complement UNDP's work on Governance, particularly in the areas of parliament, election, access to justice of rural poor and vulnerable groups. It will furthermore contribute to reinforce the peace dividends of Timor-Leste by strengthening the state-citizen relationship, especially of those left behind. 




  • 11 members of Commission A of the National Parliament have benefited from the technical support related to the legislative framework on decentralization
  • Over 50 members of the parliament have benefited from business continuity support during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 328 local officials (46 women) have received training on the use of the Municipal Portal
  • 6677 people benefitted from easy access to water from 2 water infrastructure projects in Bobonaro and Baucau.
  • The Municipal Portal has been launched ( as an integrated national data platform
  • A Communication House has been built and equipped with a press room for journalists to promote accurate reporting and effective communication between the Parliament and the citizens

Project Outcome


The project aims to:

• Strengthened capacity of the National Parliament in Timor-Leste.

• Improved capacity of municipal public servants to deliver services at local level.

• Improved capacity of local institutions to collect, analyse and use reliable and timely socio­environmental disaggregated data (development of a Municipal Portal).

Uma Komunikasaun – Communications House: helping journalists to bring the National Parliament closer to the people of Timor-Leste


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